#LoveAudi on Twitter! Organising contests on twitter.

So, today, as I was coming from Delhi To Ahmedabad, I stumbled upon to see the #LoveAudi Contest on twitter. That set my mind thinking and memories of the childhood decision of buying an Audi came back to my mind. Most of the other decisions that I took as a kid sound unrealistic today. For example, the resolve to become a football superstar was short lived.  As we grow up our decisions and priorities change.


But there has been one resolve which I still stick to. And that is the one of owning an Audi. I had fallen in love with Audi at the first sight and still think it is the best car there can be. From looks to performance to satisfaction, Audi delivers on everything. No wonder it is something everyone aspires for. Though I feel each variant of Audi is a masterpiece, I personally would love to own a R8 someday. I am simple awestruck by its aerodynamics and plush interiors. Given the chance, I would definitely love to cruise the machine at top speeds on the Ahmedabad Udaipur Highway. Sometimes you just fall in love with someone and cannot explain the same in a few words. The same applies here, with me and Audi. I am hoping to own an Audi R8 someday. Audi India, Thank you for organising this contest. It was great being a part of this contest.

So,  #LoveAudi was one of the contests organised by Audi India on twitter.  Organising contests on Social Media can be a tricky thing. If done carefully, it can improve the PR of the company and can help in getting noticed. In this case, Audi India hit the bull’s eye. Within the first few hours of starting, #LoveAudi was trending in India. And it continued to trend as people participating in it increased exponentially.

Soon, there were hundreds or probably thousands of ‘twits’, including me, professing their love for Audis and trying to win the iPods and iPads on prizes.The Facebook page for Audi crossed the 2 million mark as the contest progressed. It is one of the examples how brands can market themselves without having to spend on a lavish marketing campaign.


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